Secure Exam Browser: Power of Controlling Online Navigation

Secure exam browser means converting a web browser into an environment where online assessments can be carried out safely. It is a software that turns a computer system into a secure set up for a computer-based exam.

This software takes access to the whole system, its functions, websites, and applications to prevent any kind of fraudulent activities. It is majorly used during online exams.

Secure Exam Browser locks the system during the exam. The candidate is not able to open any other tab or window once the exam starts. Secure lockdown browsers prevent the candidates from using their device for cheating purposes.

Types of Online Exam Screen Cheating

Candidates feel that it is easy to use their computer to find answers to the exam questions. Open another browser/window, type the question and get the answer without anybody knowing that. There are a lot of ways to cheat using the computer/device screen:

Screen sharing

Candidates take help from their family/friends who are using another computer. With a screen sharing option, they give access to their computer screen. And get to know the answers from them.

Auto coding softwares

Auto coding softwares specially developed for programmers, is misused by the candidates during programming tests. Candidates generate the codes using these softwares and write it back in their exams.

Social media is another tool used by the candidates to get answers to their questions. Using a separate window, candidates can navigate through and cheat easily during an online exam.

Keyboard shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts for cheating during an online exam is very common. And this is not that easy to detect. Various shortcuts are used to copy, paste , and open another window during an online exam.

Use of external devices/USB/hard drives

Another popular way of cheating followed by the candidates in an online test is the use of external devices such as USB and hard drives. They plug these devices into their computer system and open it during the exam to copy and paste the answers.

Why is the Secure Exam Browser required?

Secure Exam Browser: Power of Controlling Online Navigation

Conducting online assessments questions the integrity and authenticity of the exam. To make sure the candidate taking the exam is doing it in a right way, a secure exam browser is a preventive measure. It wards off any kind of cheating or unfair means used by the candidate.

Considering all the methods for online exam screen cheating, the need for a secure exam browser arises.It is only due to the SEB that the candidates cannot do anything other than examination on their computer systems.

The use of the internet during the exam is a must and it gives the candidates a chance to cheat using their own computers. In order to maintain the integrity of the exam, a safe exam browser proves to be a powerful tool.

How to Download a Safe Exam Browser

Candidates are provided with a link to download and install the secure browser for their respective examination. There is a separate setup for Windows and Mac OS. 

The Secure Browser is compatible with:

  • Windows 8 and above
  • MacOS 10 and above

ExamOnline Secure Exam Browser

ExamOnline is a well-known software for managing online examinations: from candidate registration to result reports. Along with online proctoring, ExamOnline provides a secure exam browser that prevents the candidates from cheating during their online exam.

Secure Exam Browser of ExamOnline is enabled by downloading a small application on the desktop. This creates an environment on the desktop so that the candidate is not allowed to perform any activity on his machine other than the examination.

This software turns an online exam into a safe browser exam enabling the exam conducting authorities to minimize the risk of cheating. 

How ExamOnline Secure Exam Browser Work

This ensures that the candidate does not browse the internet or navigate to any other window. Anti-cheating technology of ExamOnline works in such a way that its proctors block navigation and disable keyboard shortcuts to conduct a cheating-free online exam. To know more about how it works Request a Demo

Additional controls of Secure Exam Browser are:

  • Port Blockage

The use of any kind of hard drive or USB device is strictly prohibited in ExamOnline Secure Browser. The candidates will not be able to start the exam until they disconnect the external device or drive. The candidate is logged out of the exam instantly in case he uses any port during the online test.

  • Disable hotkeys/special keys

Secure Browser of ExamOnline restricts the use of keyboard shortcuts, special keys and right click of the mouse. Also, the copy paste option using the keyboard shortcuts and screenshot or print screen option is blocked in order to prevent the candidate from cheating.

  • Blocking remote services (RDP) etc. 

ExamOnline Secure Browser restricts the remote access to the candidate’s desktop. The candidate will not be able to approach any other computer remotely. 

  • No Browsing

Browsing is totally put to a stop with ExamOnline Secure Exam Browser. It disables the internet surfing during the online exam by the candidate. Search engines and social media accounts are strictly prohibited with the secure browser of ExamOnline.

  • Navigation

The navigation during the online exam is limited by the ExamOnline Secure Browser. It only provides access to only a few limited websites and softwares to use within the browser during the test.

  • Screen Locking

The screen of the system used by the candidate for taking an online examination is locked by the seb browser of ExamOnline. During the test, the candidates cannot minimize the screen, open another browser or use any shortcut. The only option they can use is ‘back’, ‘next’, ‘refresh’, and ‘stop’.


ExamOnline Secure Exam Browser rules out the unfair means used by the candidates in an online exam. Allowing access to only specific websites, pages or resources, a secure browser builds a secure environment for the organisations conducting online examinations.

It automatically builds a layer of security on the device used by the candidate for taking an online test. On the other hand, the organization or the educational institution conducting the exam feels free in terms of any onscreen cheating methods that could be adopted.

ExamOnline Secure Exam Browser, therefore, is a fool-proof method of preventing the candidates from cheating online using their computer systems. You can actually put a stop to online exam cheating with ExamOnline.

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