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How Do Online Proctored Exams Work?

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If you’re a student reading this, you can please share it with your teachers or school management. As you will read this piece on how online proctored exams work, you will realize this is actually written for your teachers and school management. However, if you’re a school or an education…

What is a Proctor?

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Proctor refers to a person who supervises or invigilates candidates taking an exam. The prime purpose of the proctor is to check that the candidates in an exam do not cheat. What is the role of a Proctor? The main role of the proctor is to monitor tests and exams.…

How to conduct an Online Exam?

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COVID-19 has affected every aspect of our life which includes studies, classes, examinations, and more. Technology has made us switch over from conventional methods like pen & paper to online exams. Moreover, in a conventional exam pattern there stood a chance of human errors. But in the online examinations risk…