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Online Exam Centre and Test Security – Ways To Protect Online Exams

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In order to implement complete digitization of exams and tests for students and corporate candidates, one needs to first identify various  important technological, infrastructural, financial, and equity challenges that come in their way. Only after we have addressed how to overcome these hurdles we will be able to efficiently develop…

How to Hire Employees Quickly, Efficiently, and Correctly

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Hiring top-notch, quality employees is the first step towards corporate success. While it sounds quite easy on paper, the process can be hard if managed incorrectly along the way. The fact that hiring employees requires time, effort, and strategy is enough to sweep inexperienced corporate leaders from their feet. Double…

Top 5 Must-Have Features of Remote Proctoring Software

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Top 5 Features of Remote Proctoring Software
Remote proctoring software is a technological advancement in the field of testing that enables the proctor or the “test master” to roll out several types of online tests without compromising their security. Various types of examinations that can be conducted online safely using this software include entrance exams, semester/term-end exams,…

How to Hire a Good Web Developer

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How to Hire a Good Web Developer
Web developers are everywhere. They can be your neighbour, your internet acquaintance, or even your imaginary friend! Kidding aside, there are a lot of aspiring, enthusiastic individuals who want to take the path of web development. This is a noble profession which entails the building and maintenance of websites. Websites…

How to do Bulk Hiring

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how to do bulk hiring
Bulk hiring seems to be taking root in several companies right now. The reasonability and logic with this kind of employment is very convenient and it can give a company the proper focus it needs for its workforce needs. However, this also means that there are many people to assess.…