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Online Proctoring: An Effective Method of Monitoring Online Exams

Online Proctoring Online proctoring is an essential aspect of conducting any exam to ensure that the candidates appearing in the exam are not using any form of cheating or unfair means during the exam. Traditional exams have in-person proctors in the examination hall to keep a check on the candidates.…

Put a stop to online exam cheating with ExamOnline

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Put a stop to online exam cheating
Asking a 10-year old, can you cheat during your online exam? Yes, it’s simple. Open another browser and google the answer. Eyes straight on the screen. Online exams are conducted to authentically assess the performance of the candidates. But what if it involves cheating? Checking answers from other sources on…

Conducting a Subjective Exam Online

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Conducting Subjective Exam Online
What is a subjective exam? Subjective exam is basically conducted to assess the theoretical knowledge of the candidates. Correct preparation, management, and evaluation of subjective tests are more difficult and costly, but they are more reliable. Subjective tests generally consist of questions to which the candidate answers in sentences. It…

Computer Based Exam – The Right Way to Conduct One

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computer based exam
A computer based exam is an alternative to the traditional pen and paper test. It simply means that the candidate has to sit in front of a computer and attempt the exam. Submission of answers to the questions that appear on the computer screen is done with the help of…

Online Exam Centre and Test Security – Ways To Protect Online Exams

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In order to implement complete digitization of exams and tests for students and corporate candidates, one needs to first identify various  important technological, infrastructural, financial, and equity challenges that come in their way. Only after we have addressed how to overcome these hurdles we will be able to efficiently develop…

How to Hire Employees Quickly, Efficiently, and Correctly

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Hiring top-notch, quality employees is the first step towards corporate success. While it sounds quite easy on paper, the process can be hard if managed incorrectly along the way. The fact that hiring employees requires time, effort, and strategy is enough to sweep inexperienced corporate leaders from their feet. Double…