Top 9 Online Exam Preparation Tips for Students and Institutions

One of the many things that COVID-19 changed for the better is examination. Like so many other things, the world moved the exams online. However, because this is a new mode of performance evaluation, many students are worried and skeptical and are looking for online exam preparation tips.

Not only students, but even educational institutions, are working hard to adapt to this new examination approach by investing in advanced online exam software such as remote proctoring software, digital evaluation software, and so on, to ensure the smooth operation of online exams.

This blog will discuss the 9 online exam preparation tips for students and academic institutions such as colleges, universities, coaching classes, and schools.

To help you understand the topic better, we have divided the blog into four sections: online exam tips to follow

A) Before the exam,

B) On exam day,

C) During the exam, and

D) After the exam.

Let’s get started without further ado.

Exam Preparation Tips for Students Before the Online Exam

The following are some online exam preparation tips for students to consider before exams.

1. Gather the necessary Study Materials

First, students should gather all the necessary study materials because the right set of study materials is nothing less than a road map to exam success. To find the right materials, you can talk to your seniors, teachers, and friends.

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However, make sure that the books, guides, or materials you choose have relevant knowledge about the topics covered in the syllabus. Don’t buy books or materials that may have in-depth knowledge of a subject or a topic but are irrelevant to your syllabus.

2.  Organize your Study Space

Once you’ve found the right set of exam preparation materials, the next online exam preparation tip you should follow is to organize your study space. It is very much expected that you must have a favorite spot or area in your home where you feel comfortable or at peace. Make that space your “study zone.” 

An ideal study space should:

  • Be quiet and free of distractions.
  • Be clean and comfortable.
  • Have adequate lighting.
  • Have all necessary supplies close by.
  • Have a comfortable working environment (desk and chair).

Remember that you will be spending the majority of your time here every day, so make your ‘study zone’ as comfortable as possible.

3.  Study!

After gathering the necessary study materials and organizing a ‘study zone,’ the next step in acing any exam is to study! There is no way you can perform well in an exam if you do not study, no matter how good the materials you have gathered or how effective your study space is.  Therefore, study well by following the online exam preparation tips listed below:

  • Make a study timetable
  • Prepare flashcards and flowcharts
  • Practice previous exam papers
  • Make study groups with friends
  • Take regular breaks during the study
  • Don’t study with an anxious mind
  • Set a routine
  • Get enough rest and eat healthily

Remember that you will be studying for a year or more. For this reason, a well-planned schedule is very much necessary. Therefore, do not begin exam preparation without a proper study plan.

Benefits of online examination software

So those are the exam preparation tips for students before the exam. At the same time, there are some ideas for institutions as well..

Exam Preparation Tips for Institutions Before the Online Exam

Educational institutions such as colleges, universities, schools, and coaching classes are also new to the concept of online exams or have no idea how to conduct online exams. For this reason, it is necessary that they have a better understanding of what they are expected to do before the exam to ensure its smooth execution.

The following are some of the online exam activities that every institution is required to carry out prior to the exam day:

Following these guidelines will enable them to conduct online exams with no hiccups or mismanagement.

Exam Preparation Tips for Students on Exam Day

It’s D-Day! Exam day has finally arrived. You might be both excited and nervous at the same time. But there is nothing to be worried about. All you have to do is stay calm and follow the online exam preparation tips listed below.

4. Set up an Exam Zone

On exam day, the first thing you should do is set up a zone from where you will take the exam. You may prefer the same ‘study zone’ you were using for preparation because you may have developed comfortability with that space over time. 

However, ensure that the space has good internet connectivity, is free of distractions, and is comfortable for long sitting hours.

The space should not be your living room because it is likely that your family members may pass through that space often. For this reason, always select an exam zone that is isolated, distraction-free, convenient, and comfortable.

5. Double-check your Computer System

After you’ve finalized and set up your exam zone, the next step is to double-check your computer system. Confirm that everything is working properly and that there are no problems with any software or hardware you will use during the exam. It could be a keyboard, mouse, camera, or whatever.

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At the same time, check your internet connection as well. If your internet connection is unstable, we recommend that you relocate to a spot that has a reliable internet connection, at least on the exam day. Because ‘Unable to connect to the internet’ would be the last notification you expect during the exam!

6. A Quick and Smart Revision

Once you are done with setting up the exam zone and system checking, get back to the study. Revise all important topics, questions, and chapters. But, do not try to cover the entire syllabus because it would be impossible to do so in a few hours. You should also review the notes, mock papers, and previous papers.

Also, do not spend time on a topic you find difficult to understand. Since you will only have a few hours to cover most of the syllabus, investing time in difficult topics is not advised at all. Instead, during revision, concentrate on only the topics or questions that you understand well and that are likely to come up on the exam paper.

Exam Preparation Tips for Institutions on Exam Day

Just like it is for students, exam day is an exciting yet stressful day for institutions as well. They don’t want to make any mistakes or mess up anything because it will cost them as well as the students who have been preparing for this day for the past year.

In a nutshell, they must ensure that everything is in place and working smoothly as planned before the exam begins. On exam day, institutions will need to look at the following things:

  • Proper remote proctoring system setup
  • Smooth functioning of the entire system
  • Review online exam instructions and guidelines
  • Necessary technical support in case of any emergency

Now, let’s move on to the next section to learn what online exam preparation tips students should keep in mind during the exam.

Exam Preparation Tips for Students During the Online Exam

Online exam tips for virtual exam hours are very similar to offline or in-person exams.

7.  Give your Best Shot

Yes, give it your best shot!

Do not get nervous during the exam. Maintain your calm. Take a quick glance at the online exam instructions and the question paper. This will give you an idea of whether the exam is tough or easy. Based on this, you can plan your strategy. 

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Also, keep the necessary exam tools and materials on hand, and inform your family members about your exam schedule ahead of time so that they do not disturb you during those hours.

Try to answer as many questions as you can. Start with the easy questions. After that, tackle questions with moderate difficulty levels. Then, at last, deal with difficult questions. Also, make sure that you only write according to the points. For short-answer questions, avoid writing lengthy answers. This will only waste your time.

8.  Review Answers Before you Submit

After you’ve answered all the questions you know the answers to, quickly review the entire answer sheet. This practice will help you find out whether or not you missed to attend to any questions. This will also allow you to identify and correct errors.

But, once again, don’t spend too much time reviewing. Your highest priority should be to answer as many questions as possible. Only review the answers if you have spare time after attending to all of the questions.

Exam Preparation Tips for Institutions During the Online Exam

During online exams, institutions or invigilators must be highly vigilant. They should also consider using advanced online exam technologies, such as remote proctoring solutions, to help create a secure and confidential environment for online exams.

If the invigilator finds any inappropriate practices or cheaters during the exam, it is their responsibility to bring them to the attention of the relevant authority and take the appropriate action against them. Overall, it is the responsibility of invigilators and institutions to fairly supervise the exam and ensure its smooth execution.

Exam Preparation Tips for Students After the Online Exam Completes

There are some online exam preparation tips for students and institutions even after the exam.

9.  Evaluate the overall experience

Evaluate the overall experience. Find out what went wrong and how the next online exam can be improved. For example, you may find that you have faced a problem with your internet connection or your keyboard. Make sure you fix these issues before the next exam. Overall, your goal at this stage should be to make the next online exam experience more fun and enjoyable.

Exam Preparation Tips for Institutions After the Online Exam Completes

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Just like students, institutions should evaluate the overall exam experience and work to improve it for the next exam. For example, if you have faced problems with remote proctoring, you should consider investing in ExamOnline’s best remote proctoring system.

Similarly, if you notice problems with the student registration process, consider investing in exam registration software. In a nutshell, work on the areas where you believe improvements are needed, and then conduct the next exam more smoothly, securely, and seamlessly.

dartboard and dart  Conclusion:

Online exams are the new trend that we, as students and educational institutions, must embrace. As a student, you may find the online exams difficult at first. However, following the above-mentioned online exam preparation tips will help you ace any online exam. At the same time, institutions should invest in the best online examination software, such as remote proctoring systems, online certification software, digital evaluation tools, and others, to make online exams a breeze.

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