Are Online Proctored Exams Safer than Pen and Paper Exams?

Online proctored exams are probably the best thing that came after pen and paper exams. Its ease of accessibility and viability for mass testing and examination makes it an easy choice for proctors to roll out their assessments without hassle. Whether it’s for educational or employment purposes, online proctored exams have a place in every test master out there.

With that said, we’re not really here to gawk at online proctored exams. We’re here to engage in a discussion of safety. That’s right. The digital world is full of things that are uncanny and unpleasant at the same time, and this can lead to severe problems like breach of privacy and others.

As such, online proctored exams can also be threatened by this digital menace – or are they? Let’s take a closer look at them below.

Online Proctored Exam Meaning

You might ask yourself, what is an online proctored exam?

Simply put, an online proctored exam is an examination that is taken in an online setting with anti cheating mechanisms in place. It is usually taken in big groups, en masse, or bulk. It is used in the educational setting such as schools or employment setting such as application and job assessments.

Mainly, online proctored exams are fundamental in gauging an individual’s skill and talents, as well as the way their mind works. While it is without saying that examinations certainly do not measure one’s worth in society, it is mainly used for such purposes outside this social norm.

How are Online Exams Proctored?

Online exams are proctored by online exam proctoring software. While that sounds way too simple and straightforward, it is in fact the case.

Basically, online proctoring software includes state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor the individuals taking the test. It’s usually equipped with window limiting software so that they won’t alt-tab to and from tabs, identity authentication, and anti-cheating software. It’s like a human proctor in robot form.

Of course, if you’re asking, there’s a live human proctor as well! It’s not just the software doing the work. Simply put, online proctored exams are monitored at the same time by humans and AI in order to catch people who cheat on these kinds of assessments.

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How to Proctor an Online Exam?

In order to proctor an online exam, you must be qualified in handling online exam proctoring software. This requires technological literacy and can be limiting to some people if they’re not good in handling technology.

In simple explanation, it’s just like proctoring a pen and paper exam, only online. Some people will still prefer to proctor a pen and paper exam, but it is admittedly more time-consuming than an online proctored exam.

Are Online Proctored Exams Safer than Pen and Paper Exams?

The answer is a resounding yes!

Sad to say for pen and paper loving proctors out there, online proctored exams are safer than the normal, traditional exam.

This is due to the fact that online exam proctoring software contains the latest in security AI technology. As mentioned earlier, this kind of software contains things such as identity authentication and anti-cheating software. The combination of these two aspects makes it hard for people to engage in fraud or cheating in such remote exams.

As compared to pen and paper exams, people can still cheat since the proctor is just a human and is not able to scan the whole venue at once.

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