Top 5 Must-Have Features of Remote Proctoring Software

Remote proctoring software is a technological advancement in the field of testing that enables the proctor or the “test master” to roll out several types of online tests without compromising their security.

Various types of examinations that can be conducted online safely using this software include entrance exams, semester/term-end exams, certifications, skill-based assessments, and pre-recruitment assessments. Therefore, you can use proctoring software from the school-setting, up to the workplace-setting, depending on the needed function that arises.

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Security offered by Remote Proctoring Software

This type of software usually deals with a number of things related to security, such as online authorization, facial detection, audio analytics, and such. While matters of privacy can be an alarming concern, remote proctoring software are supposed to come with the latest advances in information security so that the user who will be taking the test can feel at ease. 

After all, personal information is sensitive and it can be used by unwanted persons. This software should have the proper safeguards in place to protect you from them. 

Top 5 Features of Remote Proctoring Software

Other features should also include a reliable examination engine, smart artificial engine, and accurate reports and logs. As such, there are numerous things to think about remote proctoring software, and while it mostly focuses on the security, we also have to deal with the examination part of this matter.

To get it started, we will now discuss the top 5 features of remote proctoring software in this blog, as well as their usefulness to you so that you can check if you’re getting the best deal out of proctoring software.

#1 Candidate Authentication and Monitoring

We don’t want cheaters tampering with our tests. Professional remote proctoring software should have all fail safes in place so that we can make sure that the tester is the one who is behind the monitor. Candidate authentication can include facial detection, facial recognition, audio analytics, and liveness detection. These four features can be lifesavers against cheaters who want to take advantage of remote tests online.

#2 Accessibility and Non-Intrusive Examination Experience

People who take exams should take it with ease. A reliable remote proctoring software should be able to take their tests in a browser in both desktop, mobile, or tablet platforms in a non-intrusive way so that they can take their tests with ease. Of course, this includes browsing limitation so that the candidate doesn’t research the answers over search engines like Google.

#3 Built-in Comprehensive Reporting System

Deciding when proctoring a test can leave us slow to wit when we don’t have the necessary data. Audit trail logs, reports, and evidence should be readily available for a proctor to come up with certain adjustments needed when proctoring a test. This is why remote proctoring software should have all these information ready for the proctor to adjust accordingly.

#4 Detailed Candidate Reports

Remote proctoring software should also provide detailed candidate reports. Nothing beats understanding your candidate more than having a detailed report at your hands. This report can be used so that you can understand how the person took his or her test and if he or she cheated along the way. This is a perfect way of checking if the AI hasn’t caught wind of that person’s actions, which brings us to the next point.

#5 Live AI (Auto Proctoring)

This feature is probably the most underrated over them all. Live AI can work wonders for the proctor and it also helps the proctor delegate his/her time to other things. A strong and intelligent live AI is crucial for matters like this, and it is only right that remote proctoring software has this for a safe and secure testing experience.


With all those features said, you can get to choose which remote proctoring software is best for you. Incidentally, we have such a software for you – Remote Proctor.

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