How to do Bulk Hiring

Bulk hiring seems to be taking root in several companies right now. The reasonability and logic with this kind of employment is very convenient and it can give a company the proper focus it needs for its workforce needs.

However, this also means that there are many people to assess. Greater quantities of applicants can leave the human resources department of a company bogged down, and can sometimes slow down the process of recruitment if stuck in a figurative chokepoint of sorts.

As such, let us get to know what bulk hiring means and how you can make it easy on your part.

Bulk Hiring Meaning

Bulk hiring simply means what it says. It’s hiring employees in bulk. The difference of mass hiring and bulk hiring is that the latter does it in a short span of time. Sometimes, it’s managed by a single company or a plethora of companies in general. When multiple companies are involved, external agencies can step in to help.

In that sense, bulk hiring can be a daunting task if made in an inefficient way. Luckily, we can make it easier nowadays thanks to digital means of doing the recruitment work.

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Bulk Hiring Tools

There are many tools that can be used for bulk hiring. However, to make things simple, it’s just the same things that can be used in normal recruiting or hiring. You can make use of job boards, use AI and automation, applicant tracking system, CRMs, video interviews, candidate screening, or simply other means of engagement.

However, the best way to do it is through testing and assessment. However, do not take my word for it, as certainly each company has their own circumstances, but if you can, go this path for bulk hiring.

Bulk Hiring Strategies

Bulk hiring can be cluttered and intimidating. It is important that you have a plan in place for these types of events. Designate one place only for more efficient crowd control. Also, plan ahead. If they get employed, you must have the necessary steps ready for training and onboarding. 

Recruitment strategies for bulk hiring can vary. It all depends on your tools used. There are a lot of tools mentioned above that can give you the edge with this kind of activity. Make sure to make efficient use of your tools and exploit every point of strength that you can find.

Planning is the key strategy when doing bulk hiring.

Best Way to do Bulk Hiring

As mentioned above, the best way of doing bulk hiring is to make the applicants take digital, online assessment exams to filter them as a whole. Online assessments are super easy to manage and can generally provide you with real time data as the applicants take it one by one. It will provide you with more time and give you an evaluation at an easier, less hectic pacing. Multiple scenarios can also be placed upon these tests, giving you the best edge on determining the employability of your applicants in this bulk hiring session.

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Bulk hiring methods can vary from company to company, and surely each corporate firm has their own way of doing this. The bulk hiring process also varies depending on the situation. What’s important is flexibility, and to be honest, that is the best way in doing bulk hiring. Also, do research on the internet on the processes of different companies in the world. You’ll find the diversity interesting and you can gauge what fits best for your company.

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