Virtual Campus Recruitment Process

Giving a new outlook to campus recruitment, virtual campus recruitment has come up with a solution of hiring talent online. It does not require an actual visit to the campus yet a face to face interaction of the organization with the graduates.

As most of the colleges and universities are moving towards online sessions, your company also needs to be equipped with the right tools for hiring young talent without actually stepping into the campus.

Virtual Campus Recruitment is following the complete recruitment process online. A strong system/software to back all these processes is vital. ExamOnline is software that gives you a complete all-in-one solution to support you with your hiring needs.

Virtual Campus Recruitment Process

Virtual Campus Recruitment Process

Whether you want to hire an engineer, manager, or a skilled technician, ExamOnline will help you to create technical, aptitude, language and personality tests for your virtual campus hiring process.

point 100x100 1  Involve panel for hiring

The recruitment process should involve the person in charge of hiring and professionals from related fields. The right path here means the applicant should be reviewed by the panel of employers of the organization. To improve the hiring quality, inputs from the hiring team are of great importance.

point 100x100 1  Creating web page

Your organization should create a dedicated webpage/link for freshers so that they can apply directly on your website. It should also include videos and testimonials of current employees and the work environment. This helps in engaging the candidates with the insights and related content.

point 100x100 1  Early bird

It’s always better to start hiring as early as possible to have access to the great talent available on the college campus. Hiring is a long process that involves planning and analysis. So if you begin on day 0 or day 1, you get the best hires at the right time.

point 100x100 1  Pre-selection

Campus recruitment takes a lot of time since it involves interviewing a large number of candidates. Pre-selection can be done with the help of video conferencing that saves time and effort. And your team is able to give feedback on pre-recorded interviews and shortlist the candidates they liked.

point 100x100 1  Conducting assessments

A better way to get deeper insights about the candidates’ skills and capabilities. You also get to know the style and behavior of the candidates through skill assessments.

point 100x100 1  Virtual campus recruiting software

You need an online solution to hire the right candidates through the virtual campus recruitment process. A software that helps you source, screen, manage response, schedule interviews, conduct assessments, and provide detailed feedback. ExamOnline virtual campus recruitment software helps you achieve all the above objectives.

point 100x100 1  Data based analysis

Hiring is a vital part of an organization. So, your decision should be based on analysis backed by data. Detailed attention should be paid to the metrics that matter the most like, the result of the assessment, appearance, communication, etc.

How is Virtual Campus Recruitment helpful?

Expand your network

Campus recruitment means visiting different campuses and interviewing the candidates one by one. The number of campus visits and candidates is limited in this. But virtual campus recruitment opens up the network and helps you hire the best of talent across the region/state.


There are a number of options available to source the candidates online, social media, for example is a great tool. And for online campus recruitment, you need not to personally visit the campus and yet get in touch with the young talent. And follow the hiring process virtually. 


To encourage the involvement of the candidates in the recruitment process virtually, there is no set time/date you need to follow. You can always collaborate with prospective candidates by inviting them to read articles, blogs, and watch videos of your organization.

Save time & money

Virtual campus recruitment is always a win-win situation for an organization as well as the young graduates. Those looking for job opportunities can easily connect without any hassles with their prospective employer and vice-versa. Therefore, it saves a lot of time and money.

Virtual Campus Recruitment Events

There are a number of events conducted worldwide for recruiting young talent. Try to be a part of those events. Get in touch with the higher authorities of the college and universities. Promote your recruitment page on social media and ask for referrals from your social circle.

Some events that are of great help for hiring talent online:

Virtual job fair

Just like an offline campus job fair, a virtual job fair allows you to connect with the students, screen the applicants, collect information, host interviews and assessments. Candidates also share their resumes and achievements online with you and you can interview them through video conferencing.

Information sessions

A candidate is also surrounded by a number of questions. In order to handle all those queries, the company can provide virtual information sessions through their CEOs, HR managers, department heads, or employee panels. The important information on product/service, projects, company culture, mission, vision can also be shared with the candidates over video conferencing.


Webinars have become the essence of the work environment these days. Webinars for the professional development of the young candidates where they can be educated on how to search for a job? How to prepare yourself for an interview? And so on.

Virtual assessments

You can easily assess the prospective candidates remotely with the help of online exam software. You will be amazed to know how online tests simplify recruitment in 2023. With this software, you can smoothly assess a number of candidates simultaneously. Again, it saves time and money for the recruiter as well as the candidate.

Plan a Virtual Campus Recruitment

  • Get in touch with the placement officers of different colleges & universities and people in your social circle.
  • Share the online recruitment page/link with them.
  • Be a part of virtual job fairs and events.
  • Educate people about your company, work environment, and hiring process.
  • Pre-screen the candidates by reviewing their resumes.
  • Host a video conference with the candidates and interview them.
  • Take an online assessment (psychometric tests, communication, technical, aptitude, coding) to know more about the capabilities and skills of the candidate.
Rise in Virtual Hiring: According to a survey by Gartner, over 86% of organizations have implemented virtual hiring processes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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