Put a stop to online exam cheating with ExamOnline

Asking a 10-year old, can you cheat during your online exam? Yes, it’s simple. Open another browser and google the answer. Eyes straight on the screen.

Online exams are conducted to authentically assess the performance of the candidates. But what if it involves cheating? Checking answers from other sources on the web and then answering the questions. 

Candidates are very well aware of the cheating tricks that can be followed during an online exam. And that too without giving any hint to the invigilator. In fact, the candidates keep on inventing new methods for online exam cheating.

Since the examination mode has been changed from offline to online, the corporate, education and government sectors are conducting online exams. The need for making online exams cheat proof and ethical is growing.

Other than the technical glitches, hardware and internet issues, online exam cheating is a major  challenge for all those who intend to take assessments effectively.

You can go through a survey on online exam cheating.

Ways adopted by the candidates to cheat on an online exam

Online exam cheating is a so popular that there are number of ways to do it:

Screen sharing

Screen sharing is a most sought-after method used for online exam cheating. Majorly used by the engineers to solve technical problems remotely, this software is now used by the candidates to cheat during their online exam. They share their screen with their friends using softwares and get to know the answers.

Microphones and other advanced technological devices

Tiny microphones and bluetooth devices are used by the candidates to connect with their friends/family. These devices are generally undetectable and cannot be traced by the webcam. Commonly used by the candidates for cheating on an online exam.

Help of family/friends

During an online exam, it is quite possible that a friend or family member of the candidate is sitting in the same room. It is a very common practice followed to cheat on an online exam. Reliable and active formula.


There are some auto coding softwares available that assist the candidates, especially during  programming tests. These applications are designed to generate code themselves using AI. Whereas used by the candidates to cheat and score good on an online exam.


This is a smart way of online exam cheating. Students who score high are asked to take the test on behalf of the actual candidate. Many candidates around the world are achieving good marks without practically having to sit in the exam.

Smart phones

Candidates make the most of their smartphones to cheat on an online exam. It is a convenient system to find and write the answers. The candidates sometimes save the notes and copy paste them on their answer sheet. 

Social media is another tool brought into light to cheat on an online exam. Candidates paste their questions into the url and steal the best solution to their problem. 

External devices

In an online exam, genius minds make use of external devices like USB, and hard drives to store the notes. They can access these notes smartly without opening any other browser. This act of cheating is difficult to detect.

Keyboard shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste the answers from the notes is a well-known way to cheat on an online exam. There is no sign of screen activity and the invigilator is tricked.

Internet excuses

Candidates taking the online exam get the leverage of blaming the internet connectivity for leaving the exam in between. Other issues such as hardware problems, technical glitches and power cuts are not to be ignored. This helps the candidate in online exam cheating.

How ExamOnline can stop candidates from cheating on an online exam

ExamOnline is a trusted online exam software. It makes your process of conducting online exams more structured and effective. Seamless integration of the software manages your exam system and pattern thoroughly.

With an experience of over 12 years in the assessment and examination industry, ExamOnline provides end-to-end solutions for your computer based exams. Reliable 24×7 support, cost-effective, and secure assessment services for all your online exam needs.

ExamOnline is managed and backed by professionals with IIT/IIM backgrounds. With a clientele from across the globe, it is continuously working to improve and maintain the integrity of online exams.

ExamOnline’s Remote Proctoring Software

ExamOnline’s remote proctoring software ensures and keeps the integrity of the online exams intact. Latest AI based technology used to detect and prevent cheating on an online exam.

A foolproof system to manage and conduct a successful cheat-free online exam. Taking care of the authentication – before, during and after the exam. Check: How do Online Proctored Exam work?

Artificial Intelligence Capabilities:


The AI mechanism of ExamOnline matches the current photo with the image provided by the candidate at the time of registration. It compares and generates a match index. Making sure that a right candidate is sitting in the exam. That prevents the candidate from cheating on an online exam.

Facial Detection

To check the genuineness of the candidate giving the exam, the remote proctoring system detects the face of the candidate. It ensures if a right candidate is sitting in the exam or there are more than two faces. Thereby alarming you about any fraudulent activity being run.

Audio Analytics

The algorithms of ExamOnline strictly scans and analyzes the voice of the candidate. It matches that with the audio samples submitted by the candidate at the time of registration. It guarantees that the person giving the exam is the one who registered. At the same time, all human speech sound is captured and filtered by the AI engine and then saved in the form of log files. This log can be audited during or after the exam to find out if question and answer related conversations were happening during the exam.

Liveness Detection

The AI engine confirms that the face detected is of a live person. If there is any attempt to play with the camera or unnatural behaviour, corresponding alerts are given by the AI engine and logged. 

Fake Feed Detection

The remote proctoring software of ExamOnline pays extra attention to detect any fake video feeds from the candidate’s side. In that case, it pauses or terminates the exam.

Proctoring Controls:

Live audio and video streaming

ExamOnline’s proctoring system works consistently to assist you with a live audio and video streaming of the candidate during the exam. This assures that the candidate cannot cheat during an online exam because the audio and video is captured live.To know more, read our blog on Online Porctoring-Live, AI or Recorded?

Second Camera Video Feed – 360 view

There is an optional second camera live feed to take a 360 degree view of the candidate during the exam.  Leaving no chance for a friend, family member  or any other device to help the candidate during the exam. 

Super proctor

Super proctor access is provided by ExamOnline to view any feed from the candidate and set AI alerts. This enables you to have another layer of security for your online exam. And prevents any type of fraudulent activity and establishes credibility of your online exam.

Desktop Sharing

ExamOnline allows you to have live access to the screen of the candidates. This lets you monitor all the activities during an online exam. That prevents the candidates from using their desktop for cheating on an online exam. 

Live Chat

A live chat during an online exam keeps you in touch with the candidate throughout the exam. It can anytime appear on the screen of the candidate to check if the candidate is active and attempting the exam. The candidates can also resolve their technical queries.

Exam Control

This feature of the ExamOnline keeps full control over the online exam with proctor. It can pause or end the exam and can generate flags in case of a suspicious activity.

Configurable number of candidates

A number of candidates can be configured by a single proctor using the remote proctoring software of ExamOnline.

Automated warnings

Through remote proctoring software of ExamOnline, highlighted thumbnails of all the candidates appearing for the exam appear on the screen. You can also view automated warnings with these thumbnails.

Configurable Live Video

You can also have a complete view live video of all the candidates being proctored simultaneously. This helps you to keep an eye on the activities of the candidates at the same time.

System generated warnings

Along With the thumbnails and live video of the candidates, you get notifications of system generated warnings/flags. This lets you take a quick action on any mischievous activity conducted during the online exam.


Reports, audit logs and evidence are generated after the exam is being conducted. This secures the availability of the much required crucial information.

ExamOnline’s applications delivers the following mechanisms after the exam:

Detailed proctoring report of the candidate

A complete report of the candidate is produced after the conduct of the online exam. It helps to deeply evaluate the candidate’s behaviour and activities recorded during the online exam.  

  • IP address of the machine/system from which the exam was attempted.
  • Geo-location of the candidate from where the exam was accessed.
  • Playback of the entire video feed of the candidate with audio.
  • Playback of exam screen flow of candidate in video mode.
  • Marks obtained with section wise breakup.
  • Detailed activity log of candidate with timestamp.
  • Detailed proctoring log with all alerts, flags raised by AI engine.
  • Video playback marked with time of alerts raised.
  • Photo captured at the time of any violation
  • Fairness score calculated for each candidate based on the type and number of violations

Storage of audio and video files of each exam for specified period

Complete audio and video recordings of each candidate during the exam are recorded. You can investigate those files carefully and prepare your analysis.

Customizable reports

Creating customizable reports after the exam is a solution provided by ExamOnline that keeps you synced and organized.

  • Question paper reports
  • Candidate answer sheet
  • Score report
  • Analysis report
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