Computer Based Exam – The Right Way to Conduct One

A computer based exam is an alternative to the traditional pen and paper test. It simply means that the candidate has to sit in front of a computer and attempt the exam. Submission of answers to the questions that appear on the computer screen is done with the help of keyboard and mouse.

Each computer is connected to a server that prepares the question paper and sends it to the candidates. The candidates can log in with their credentials and start with their exam. Keeping in mind the time limit and instructions given.

Computer based exams are widely used by educational institutions, schools, colleges, universities, online course providers, online certification providers, and organisations for hiring and recruitment purposes.

How can ExamOnline help you in computer based exams?

ExamOnline is an online exam software. It helps you to manage your computer based online exams. ExamOnline is loaded with features to give you a fully functional solution for all your online exam requirements.

End to end solution

ExamOnline provides a solution for all your needs to conduct a computer based exam. It is a fully integrated platform. From candidate registration to result processing, ExamOnline has got it all covered.

Cost effective

ExamOnline is a very cost effective online exam solution. The payments can be done on a monthly, yearly or transaction basis. You can also take a demo free of cost and analyse the features.

Secure and efficient

With an efficient and effective solution for online examination and assessments, ExamOnline is a safe and secure software for conducting computer based exams.

24/7 delivery

ExamOnline assures 24/7 delivery for their services. Our support system delivers the best of services worldwide.

Data security

ExamOnline maintains the security of your data shared as well security in terms of cheating, impersonation and unfair means by the candidates.


With an experience of more than 12 years in online examinations, ExamOnline is expert and knowledgeable software and team. The software system is well developed and bug free.

Quality services and presence

In collaboration with leading educational institutions and businesses in India and abroad, ExamOnline has developed and refined their services. We have offices in India, Europe and USA managed by qualified professionals from IIT/IIM.


The approach and reach of the ExamOnline is wide and extensive. It covers all the activities from pre-test set up to conducting test and post test activities. 

Features of ExamOnline for a computer based exam

Create your computer based exam hassle free and professionally. With features that give access to develop authentic computer based tests, you can focus on creating your content.

Interactive interface

The dashboard of ExamOnline is easy to use and execute. To create a computer based exam, you just need to sign up and follow a few steps. It’s simple and quick.


The number of candidates is not a concern with ExamOnline. Whether you are conducting an online computer based test for 1000 students or 100,000 students, the software will take care of it.

Exam configuring tools

Having inbuilt exam configuring tools like uploading bulk questions, randomizing question sequences, and configuring the result publishing date, ExamOnline is providing best assistance for online computer based exams.


ExamOnline has email and SMS integration available for communication. It allows you to keep the candidates updated and notified about the examination. Also, reduces the number of absentees.

Exam reporting system

Reports for your exams including score cards, computational analysis and detailed analytics on all the candidates can be generated with ExamOnline. Ultimate methodologies to complement skills and grades.

27×7 support

Conducting online exams requires critical tasks for your educational institution or organisation. Taking this into consideration, ExamOnline supports you 24×7 with our services and help. We ensure smooth functioning of your online exam.

Anti cheating

With anti-cheating technology, ExamOnline prevents online screen cheating. It restricts the keyboard shortcuts and blocks navigation. You will practically be able to conduct cheating free online exams.

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Data security

Having regular audits for data and network and secured data storage on Amazon Cloud Services, all your exam data is safe and secure. ExamOnline also ensures a user and access management system for defining roles and authentication of examinees for conducting online computer based exams.

Types of computer based exams

Digital courses and certifications 

  • Online course assessments
  • Certification exams

Testing and examination

  • Academic tests
  • Theory/subjective tests 
  • School/olympiad tests
  • Image/Audio/Video tests
  • Objective tests
  • Entrance exam

Hiring and recruitment

  • Aptitude test
  • Behaviour test
  • Campus recruitment
  • Coding test
  • Cognitive test
  • Hackathon
  • Hiring process
  • Lateral hiring
  • Personality test
  • Psychometric test
  • Reasoning test

Talent assessment

  • High potential employees
  • Leadership
  • Performance appraisal
  • Skill assessment
  • Training program

Benefits of computer based exam

Computer based exam has great advantages to offer:

Saves time

With a computer based exam, you can save a lot of time on:

  • Grading
  • Automatic notifications and SMS alerts
  • Distribution 
  • Result report
  • Uploading results
  • Sharing results

Saves money

  • No paper used
  • Email is free
  • No examination hall rentals
  • No need to hire and pay the invigilators
  • No travelling required
  • No need to hire someone for checking the papers
  • Electricity bills

Saves paper

  • Saves paper
  • Saves trees
  • Environment friendly
  • No storage of paper required


  • Random selection of question papers
  • Question papers are secure
  • Answers are secure and privacy maintained
  • Auto grading/checking
  • Auto invigilation of candidates
  • No impersonation


  • Candidates of remote areas
  • Large pool of candidates
  • No geographical restrictions

How does a computer based exam work?

A step by step process on conducting online computer based exam:

Step 1: Sign up

The first and foremost step to conducting an online computer based test is signing up as a teacher or examiner.

Step 2: Question bank

Create your question bank based on your topic of exam. Upload the questions and design them into objective, subjective or any other type.

Step 3: Answer key

Upload the answer key for auto grading purposes.

Step 4: Notifications

Set up a date and time slot for the exam and send notifications to the candidates.

Step 5: Remote Proctoring

You can register for remote proctoring which offers auto authorisation, face detection, audio analytics.

Step 6: Assessment

Through ExamOnline, assessments can be prepared and uploaded for the candidates.

Step 7: Analysis

Detailed analytical reports can be generated after the exam.

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