What Is Online Exam (eExam)

We have seen a big change in our education system in the last few months during this pandemic. With the use of the internet and many latest technologies, students can now access different online learning options. This has also resulted in giving mock tests at home via the internet. They don’t have to be physically present in the classrooms to receive quality education. 

So, in this new era of online education, educational institutes and corporate companies who conduct exams have started utilizing exceptional online exam software like ExamOnline to ensure safety and quality in each part of the examination process. How? Let’s find out.

What is an Online Exam?

An online exam (also called eExam) is a great way of conducting tests and other important exams with help of the internet. An online examination system needs a device capable of accessing the internet such as a computer or a smartphone.

This can be either done at an examination center or at home. It can be useful as a remote learning system where candidates can appear in an exam from their own device by sitting in the comfort of their homes. They do not have to invest their valuable time in traveling to and from the center.

This is the best way to conduct exams as schools, universities, and other institutions don’t have to invest in examination centers, invigilators, and security. A microphone and a webcam are sufficient for this process. 

What is the real-time solution for conducting Online Exams?

ExamOnline, a perfect end-to-end cloud-based solution, is a brilliant system to conduct different examinations online. This technology is beneficial for all types of tests including certification tests, admission tests for institutions and universities, or even big recruitment and assessment tests.

Apart from conducting Online Exams, here are some of its Exceptional Features:

Creating Multiple Question Papers

Designing question papers for a particular exam is a big task as it doesn’t end with just creating a question paper. Apart from selecting the right questions for multiple question papers, the exam conducting authorities have to spend their time on printing that paper, distributing it in multiple exam centers with security. ExamOnline comes to your rescue and performs all these tasks online so that you can conduct digital exams efficiently.

Forget about Question Paper Leaks

In the traditional educational system, we have frequently heard about question paper leaks. Now you can forget about the chances of this situation with the security offered by this updated technology.

eExam Management and Answer Processing Modules

Apart from designing multiple question papers for different students, institutes can evaluate the answer papers and generate grades accordingly without investing months to handle answer sheets.

The traditional exam process doesn’t give you the flexibility to make last-minute changes. But this superior online examination technology and its answer processing modules make everything possible to provide you with the best result.

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Combat Methods of Cheating in Online Exams

student giving online exam

This was only one part of online exams. The other part is the security which is very crucial. A unique threat posed by online exams is the ease of cheating.

Invigilating while a candidate takes a test can happen at an exam center but cheating becomes a piece of cake when the invigilator can not be present with the candidate.

But an online proctoring system has great solutions to all such issues. For example, it uses artificial intelligence that makes automated live proctoring possible. It can even detect if the candidate moves his neck. It also keeps track of the tabs open on the candidate’s device.

So you can easily understand that from certification tests to admission tests for institutions and universities or even big recruitment assessment tests, ensuring the integrity of online mock tests to detect and deter cheating is now possible.

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Take-home Advice

If you want instant and error-free results with a detailed analysis of rankings, topics, and subjects, don’t miss this amazing solution. The exam builders, including universities, schools, colleges, and corporate companies, can use this exceptional technology and receive the best results to save time and money.