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A software designed to help your invigilators: Remote proctoring software for a cheating free exam

Remote Proctor leverages automation and live proctoring using AI to deliver secure and confidential environment to conduct online exams

Auto Authorization

Our AI engine matches the current candidate’s photo with any historical image from registration data to compare and generate a ‘match index’, ensuring that the right person is sitting at the exam.

Facial Detection

To ensure that the candidate is genuine, our remote proctoring system detects face and ensures that a valid candidate is giving the exam. At the same time, it also checks if the candidate is live and raises an alert if it doesn’t match or there are more than one faces.

Audio Analytics

Our algorithms analyze audio feeds during the exam to ensure the voice sample analyzed in the real-time matches to the audio sample of the candidate taken before the exam.

A Candidate Portal that gives a Smooth Online Exam Experience to your candidates

Our candidate portal is designed with precise focus on the UX and UI to ensure a smooth non-intrusive examination experience.

Secure Browser

Encourage your candidates to enable a secure browser by downloading a desktop app. This creates an environment on the computer where the candidate cannot perform any activity on his machine apart from completing the exam. This ensures that the examinee does not browse the internet or navigate to any other tab/window during the exam.

Web Browser

Ask students to use a web browser for easily accessing the online exam through a URL. It’s not only easier to implement but also gives the exact same feel of the exam as in a secure browser. Even in the web browser, you can secure the control so that the candidate cannot visit any other website.

Mobile or Tablet

In case your candidates do not have a computer, they can also appear in the exam from their mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. The interface is responsive so candidates can perform the test on any type of device. We also offer an Android app that can be easily installed from our website (link provided only to clients).

Best suited for conducting:

Entrance Exams

Semester Exams or Term End Exams

Online Certification Tests

Skill-based Assessments

Pre-recruitment Assessments

Built-in Comprehensive Reporting System for Remote Proctoring

We understand that reports, audit trail logs, and evidence are crucial for you in decision making processes and in case of queries. That’s why we have created a remote proctoring software that provides all the required information readily.

Detailed Candidate Report

Cloud Storage of Audio and Video Files of Specified Exam Duration

Customizable White-Labelled Reports

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