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Our latest innovation in the field of Online Examination enables our Clients to conduct Online Examinations 'anywhere anytime' in the real sense. No need to rely on Examination Centers, and no need for the candidates to travel long distances to appear for an examination. With Dr. ProctorTM, our clients can now conduct the examination remotely and candidates can write the examination from anywhere.

Dr. Proctor enables remote proctors to view the candidates in real time via live video, screenshot and audio feed, while the examination is in progress. The video and screenshots are saved on the servers for audit and playback at a later time. The Proctors have control over the candidate examination by pausing, continuing or ending the examination as and when required. The remote proctors can even view the exam screen in real time. A detailed report is available along with the activity logs to track the performance of individual candidates.

What is Remote Proctoring?

Ability to proctor any online examination from a centralized remote location in real time :

  • Each proctor can manage multiple candidates simultaneously
  • Authentication of candidate before allocation of proctor
  • Proctor approval required to begin the examination
  • Proctor can end or pause exam in case of any suspicious activity
  • Ability to toggle and view candidate screen as well

Key Features

Computer Lockdown

  • Prevents other windows to open
  • Block shortcut keys, special function keys, combo keys etc.
  • Hide taskbar, menu and icons
  • Prevent communication tools, application launch etc
  • Prevents print screen, right click, copy paste function

Authentication options

  • Username/password login
  • Government ID card
  • Photo comparison


  • Online proctor during exams
  • Required continuous internet with min 256 kbps bandwidth
  • Proctor view of candidate screen

Proctor Interaction

  • Live chat and live instruction to candidate
  • Controls during exam
  • Launch test, Pause test and Cancel test

Logs and Events recording

How Does it Work?

  1. Candidate logs in the system and captures his Photo and ID Photo using web cam.
  2. Proctor auto assigned to candidate. Proctor verifies candidate details and photos and authenticates for exam.
  3. Candidate begins exam, live stream of candidate beamed to proctor, proctor can toggle between live stream and candidate stream.
  4. One proctor assigned to multiple candidates, can switch between live streams of individual candidates.
  5. Proctor has the controls to pause or end the exams at any time. To be used in case of suspicious activity.
  6. Once candidate finishes the exam, proctor can authorize successful completion. System will process result.