Success Stories

Online Promotion Exam for a Bank

Explore how one of the leading banks of India relies on ExamOnline to assess employees fit for promotion from a global pool of employees.

Pre Recruitment Assessments for Premier HR Agency

When available solutions do not fulfil the requirement, ExamOnline can be trusted to find solutions. One of worlds leading HR Consulting organizations relies on ExamOnline to conduct pre recruitment assessments for Fortune 500 Organizations.

Certifications for a leading Exchange

Find out how a leading trading exchange of India develop a pool of qualified trained resources to increase trading volume and reach using ExamOnline platform and infrastructure.

Distance Learning assessments for Premier Management Institute

ExamOnline is trusted by leading Management Education Institute to conduct Semester end exams for its distance learning platform catering to students from across the globe.

Certification of Surveyors

Surveying and data collection is a niche skill and success of any market research project depends solely on the quality of surveyors. Explore how a leading organization utilizes Examonline to certify surveyors for Market Research

Recruitment exam for a major Agro PSU

ExamOnline platform along with its highly competent team successfully conducts high stakes recruitment examination for 55,000 candidates across 10 States for a major PSU in a single day.