Pre Recruitment Assessments For Premier HR Agency

Client Profile:

The client is a Global Organization Consulting firm which works with organizations to design their structures, roles, and responsibilities. They help large corporate hire the right people to bring their strategy to life. With more than 100 office worldwide and working with 98% of the Fortune 100 companies globally, the manage leadership programmes for more than 100,000 people every month and hold data for more than 20 million professionals.


The client required pre recruitment assessments to be conducted for their clients with very specific requirements which could not be catered to with existing solutions available in the market. The assessment solution was to be developed in such a way that high calibre professionals were identified immediately and had to undergo high level assessment, whereas candidates with somewhat lower initial score would have to undergo more thorough assessment. The candidates were to be assessed on 5 different parameters and were to be posed with varying number of questions based on continuous evaluation.


In order to meet the specific requirements, the base assessment engine used for adaptive testing was customized to meet the specific requirements. Further customizations were done on the candidate portal to ensure forced attempt of all questions and block ability to modify answers to already attempted questions. Evaluation was done in real time to identify time at which then pose the next topic based on performance. These customizations were done in such a way to make them product features which can be configured and reused in multiple scenarios.

The timely customization and configurability introduced in the applications ensure quick turnaround time for the client and enabled them to hire the best fit candidates for the specific highly technical job roles for their end customer.