Online Promotion Exam For A Bank

Explore how one of the leading banks of India relies on ExamOnline to assess employees fit for promotion from a global pool of employees.


One of the largest Public Sector Banks of India, a fortune 500 company, with operations in more than 30 countries and employee strength of more than 1 Lakhs. The bank operates more than 15000 branches globally.


  • The bank conducts periodic exam for promotion of its employees at various level. The exams were standard pen and paper based administered globally for the qualified employees. It was a very expensive proposition and a logistical nightmare to deploy this exam on a global level
  • The bank decided to do a pilot project for conducting real time online exam for promotions.


  • Conducting the pen and paper based exam was a cumbersome process.
  • Logistics issues in sending and receiving papers and answer sheet to and from venues.
  • Time for paper evaluation and result publishing was considerably high.
  • Centralized monitoring.


  • The Bank had chosen Diversified Business Solutions to conduct the online examination.
  • This exam was of 3 Hrs duration and around 5000 candidates participated in this exam.
  • Exam was conducted successfully on 10 July 2011 at over 120 venues across the world.
  • The venues were scattered across three continents Asia, Europe and North America, 12 countries and also across 11 time zones.
  • The exam progress was monitored centrally from Corporate Office based out of Mumbai.
  • The monitoring team was provided with a dashboard where they can view the real time status of candidates at different venues. Dashboard helped the monitoring team in keeping an eye on the progress of exam across venues.
  • The exam result was provided immediately after completion of exam.
  • Diversified Business Solution also provided the bank with various log reports and the Analytical reports which helped them in the analysis of exam.
  • Infrastructure for this exam comprised of a Data Center at Hyderabad and a Data Recovery site at Mumbai. Load balancer was used for sharing load across the server.


  • The solution provided by Diversified Business solution helped the bank in reducing cost to a great extent without compromising on the sanctity of such an important exam.
  • The logistic issues were bypassed as there was no requirement of sending and receiving papers and answer sheets.
  • The time to declare qualified candidates for promotions was reduced significantly.