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With ExamOnline, you can efficiently administer online tests, candidate registration, and online proctoring for speedy results and real-time processing. Our online proctoring platform is designed to streamline the entire exam process, providing you with the tools you need for effective online exam invigilation. Our cutting-edge remote proctoring software, trusted globally by 250+ organizations, ensures exam integrity with AI-based monitoring and customizable settings.

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Proctor, Evaluate & Conduct Exams, All on One Integrated Platform

Create a seamless exam experience from start to finish for you and your candidates.

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Cloud Based System



Auto Authorization

Auto Authorization

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Facial Detection

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Audio Analytics

Secure Browser Exam

Secure Browser

Complete Online Exam Management Lifecycle Built-in a Single Software

Pre Exam
  • Create And Schedule Exams
  • Setup Anti-Cheating Tools
  • Setup Evaluation Rules
during exam
During Exams
  • Conduct Exams Digitally
  • Proctor Using AI Technology
  • Generate Student’s Credibility Reports
Post exam
  • Assign Answer-Sheets To Evaluators
  • Monitor And Manage Evaluation Process
  • Declare Results Online

Why Choose ExamOnline


Eliminate Physical Proctor: Embrace auto-proctor tests with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that use face recognition and digital IDs to conduct tests in secure environments.


Utilize Advanced Reporting: Get reports for exams, including scorecards, computational analysis, and detailed analytics on all the candidates blazing fast.


Secure Your Data: Protect your data and ensure your intellectual property is never compromised through data encryption and secure hosting.

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Test Student Online for a variety of Exam

We support the following Question Types and many more

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Benefits of ExamOnline's Remote Proctoring System


Enhanced Security: Our remote proctoring system utilizes AI and advanced security measures to prevent cheating and ensure exam integrity.


Improved Flexibility: Conduct exams anytime, anywhere, with our flexible online proctoring platform.


Reduced Costs: Eliminate the need for physical exam centers and reduce logistical costs with our online proctoring software.


Streamlined Process: Manage the entire exam process efficiently with our integrated online proctoring system.


Unparalleled Scalability: Accommodate large exam volumes effortlessly with our robust remote proctoring software.


Detailed Reporting & Analytics: Gain valuable insights into exam performance with our comprehensive reporting features, all within the online exam invigilation software.

Make It Easier for You and Your Candidates to Conduct and Take Exams

Save time and reduce costs with efficient exam registration, auto-proctoring, and robust online exams. Our online exam software, combined with our remote proctoring system, ensures a smooth and secure examination process. Leverage our remote proctoring software to manage and monitor exams effectively. Transform your exam process with their user-friendly interface and advanced proctoring features, ensuring integrity and efficiency in remote assessments.

Our Remote proctoring covers all your online exam needs.

  • Conduct secure online exams with our industry-leading remote proctoring system.
  • Simplify exam creation, delivery, and grading with our user-friendly online proctoring platform.
  • Ensure exam integrity with AI-powered monitoring and advanced security features within the online exam invigilation software.
  • Detailed insights into exam performance with our detailed reporting and analytics.
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A fully integrated platform for providing end to end online computer based examination services from candidate registration to result processing.


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