Exam Online

ExamOnline is state of the art examination engine capable to meet different needs of a diverse client base, be it Certification Tests, Large scale assessment for recruitment, admission test for universities and institutions or any other kind of proctored and unproctored test. The engine is designed to enable users to self manage the entire process of conducting examination without any external intervention.

Some of the key features of ExamOnline are –

  • End to end solution hosted on the Cloud
  • Highly scalable and Robust platform
  • Anti-cheating provisions for examinees
    • ☆ Disabled keyboard
    • ☆ Disabled shortcut keys
    • ☆ Blocked window navigation
  • Built in security and encryption mechanism to deter tampering of response
  • Create and configure your exams
    • ☆ Create or upload question bank
    • ☆ Randomize questions and options
    • ☆ Set scoring pattern including negative marking
    • ☆ Configure start time, end time and duration of exam
    • ☆ Configure result publishing date
  • Email and SMS integration for communication with examinees
  • Built in reports as well as development of customized reports for specific needs