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  1. ExamOnline

    ExamOnline is state of the art examination engine capable to meet different needs of a diverse client base, be it Certification Tests, Large scale assessment for recruitment, admission test for universities and institutions or any other kind of proctored and unproctored test. The engine is designed to enable users to self manage the entire process of conducting examination without any external intervention.
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  2. RegisterOnline

    RegisterOnline is a complete web based Candidate Registration process automation application. This suite can be used standalone for any kind of Registration process and can also be seamlessly integrated with ExamOnline to manage the entire lifecycle of Registration to Examination process.
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  3. Digital Evaluation

    Evaluating a pen and paper based subjective examination is a humongous task if done completely manually. There is a need for ensuring efficient, secure, accurate and fast evaluation process for such examinations. Globally, digital evaluation has become de-facto process for evaluation of examination papers for years now. Our Digital Evaluation platform enables examination bodies to complete the evaluation of examinations in non intrusive, secure and automated manner.
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  4. Merit List Maker

    We have developed a customizable rule based engine to enable Public institutions to create a merit list of successful candidates for any examination while adhering to the Reservation Policy of the Governing Body. This ensures a completely transparent, efficient and reliable selection process free from any error.
    Our platform is being used by leading banks and other Public Sector institutions to quickly select candidates while complying with the selection policy.
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